Did You Know I Am A Showgirl?


Ok I am not a stripper or a dancer but I do work the HOMESHOW ciruit.   The last 2 decades I have traveled the length and breadth of NZ and most of Australia, working at home shows, fieldays, boatshows etc.

Much like joining a circus in a way.  You get to know everyone on the circuit and it can become very much like a family,   and you miss it when you have to take a break.  

There are a lot of different characters at shows. You get the real showmen who put on a performance to reel you in and buy their products. There are those that just sit and wait for customers to come to them. Me, I have been a demonstrater and used the mic's, for the Bamix wand, the no sharp edges can openers, peelers, etc.  They were fun to demo, but exhausting. 

With my daughter's dad I use to travel to fieldays around Oz selling his Recharge Battery Revitiliser.  It was fun coming up with one liners to catch people's attention.  "Viagra for your batteries, get them up and keep them up".

When he and I parted, I had to take a few years off the shows to bring up our daughter. When she started school I was able to do some local markets and a friend had me selling her cheeses for her and then her salami.    But I kept an eye out for a product of my own to sell.

My old employer kept asking me to work for him again, I wasn't keen but then he showed me a product that he was playing with but not done much with.  Stop Pain!   I liked this product, it helped my sciatic back, it worked on my burning feet and it smelt great.     Said ok here's the deal, I wont work for you but I will be your main agent for both the Stop Pain Gel and the Goodlook Wax.   He agreed so now I am back on the circuit but under my own steam.

To get customers to try the Stop Pain, I have a privacy booth that I take them into and treat the pain area.   (most tend to have lower back issues).  To sell the Goodlook I call customers over for a free shoe treatment, and when people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them with a straight face "I rub bums and clean shoes for a living" .

So yes I am a Show girl but one that keeps her clothes on ;)

ps the above photo was taken at 2015 Fieldays when I had larengitus and had to use signs lol. I did get some er interesting comments.

Posted: Friday 10 November 2017