I Am Still Here

3 years ago yesterday (December 15, 2016) I decided to plant some succulents.   7 days later I was in a coma – a 2 and a half week one. I was in hospital for just on a month. 

It plays on my mind.  The scars left both mentally and physically are always there.  I suffer from nightmares and panic attacks.  Going to the Dentist,  is now a mission, as I have to force myself to stay calm each time as I panic every time tubes or dentist tools go near my mouth.

I struggle with memory gaps and I have less patience.  Not good when you have a teenager.

Tried a councellor, but unless you have been through what I went through you will never understand.

When I first came home, I made it my mission to get the warning out there. Potting mix is dangerous, WEAR A MASK!.   For a while the shops listened and put up more signage and placed masks by the check outs.  But after a few months they slipped back to old habits.  Friends also got lazy again and the “she’ll be right” attitude set in.

Since my incident there have been several more victims from potting mix.  Not all recovered. 


It is hard to believe that a little bag of dirt could be so lethal but it is.

Hose down the bag before you open it.  With mask on, cut a small corner of the bag to let out the spores.  Wait a good hour before you open it completely.   BE CAREFUL PLEASE,   You don’t want to spend a Christmas like my 2016 one I can assure you.

Posted: Sunday 15 December 2019