We were given a sample of Stop Pain at the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch.

We really like it, I like the easy application - it  readily is absorbed with no greasy residue and no lingering overpowering smell. It seemed effective for muscle aches and pains after gardening. When we have finished the sample I would be happy to purchase it and it would be my preferred linament.

The shoe cleaner has been great as well.

Many thanks


I was at your stall at the home show in Taupo Friday and Saturday and when I was there Saturday you asked me to write up a testimonial and you would send me 2 more pots of your stop pain stuff...

I am in my early 50's and in February my left hip began hurting occasionally when walking. By the end of March I was using a walking stick when ever I left home. I went to a home show on the 29th March and came across a lady selling this pain relief. She put some on my hip and within 15 minutes I was not having to use my walking stick as I wondered around the stalls. I did notice a bit of discomfort if I walked fast or went up or down steps. The next day I returned to the show and was not using my stick at all. I have since been putting this cream on the area each morning and though there is a wee bit of discomfort I am relatively pain free all day. 

 Mrs J Martin

A number of years ago I acquired a pot of your stop pain gel which I used after a tramp I think it was the hump ridge in the South Island and  I have never used again until now, many years later. I twisted my knee and in desperation found your stop pain and used it, yippee it still worked and not only that after 3 days of being fairly immobile I am once again up and running. I am 67 years old, only feel 35, so it is good to have my knees working again.

Thanks keep up the good work.

Cheers Carly Rolley

Hi, I have purchased Stop Pain to use for my husbands aches and pains. His entire body, muscles ache all day everyday just some days its worse. Since I have been applying the Stop Pain on his neck, back and shoulders it has enabled him to get a good night sleep which he hasn't had for quite some time, or should I say a whole night sleep. I also use it on his leg muscles for relief as well. Would recommend this for anyone that has pain and discomfort you don't need a lot for it to do a lot for you.

Ngaire Davison

New Zealand

I would like to say that I have had two pots of Stop Pain now, and I love the stuff. I found it to really help my muscle pain, which is caused by fibromyalgia. I feel all over body pain but lately in particular my shoulders which have been painfully cramping and causing pain down my arms and into my neck. I rub the Stop Pain on the shoulders morning and night and it definitely has helped! I notice the pain comes back when I stop using it, so will definitely be needing some more soon! Thanks for a great product SJD Enterprises!



I somehow acquired a pottle of 'Stop Pain'.  It's great stuff!  Really gets rid of pain from aching muscles, swelling and stiffness!  I have per-arthritic knees/ankles, but using this gel helps me continue teaching dance everyday :)

I love it! Please release it onto the market so I can use more of it.
And the smell is great too!


M Howlett

" I tried STOP PAIN Pain Relief Gel on my arthritic ankle after poor results with other creams and gels. I noticed immediate relief and now use it daily for continued mobility. Best after a shower before retiring at night, then another small amount massaged into my whole lower leg each morning means I can carry on with my lifestyle without disability."

 Peter Mansfield

Wow i have one of these can openers, I'm now wondering how i got through life without it.. not only does it open a can but the way it does it, is amazing.. non sharp edge but also the lid goes back on perfect. Can opener performance 10/10...

Cliff Bidmead

After having a Mastectomy and Lymph Nodes removed for my breast cancer  I had radiation. This was 27 years ago.  I now suffer with nerve pain in my hand.This is very painful it's like having your fingers in a vice with it tightening and releasing 24 hours a day I  could increase my medication, but this would have me feeling like a zombie.I don't want to do that.

At the last Ellerslie Flower Show I came across a product called " STOP PAIN" and brought some.  I used it on my hand at night and what a difference it has made.I no longer have to lay on my hand to try and stop the pain so I can go to sleep.STOP PAIN works so good I am able to have a good night sleep. The pain during the day has decreased by half .This allows me to run my home and do the garden. THANKS STOP PAIN.


Margaret Sutton.

Today I used your product Goodlook on our furniture ..it all looks amazing ....I have not been able to use furniture polish as I have a chemical disposition ....the house smells beautiful and no sore eyes and headaches....and my hands are nice and soft...Thank You heaps

Rae Hughes

I was so thrilled with my Prep chef tool.  I won it through Paula Maree giveaway. Its so good to get such great information... and safety tips to use it. I can now proudly make lovely thin strands of daikon for Asian meals just like those in the restaurants. Now I can keep a jar of Japanese pickles in the fridge that I made myself.

I see you also sell the swiss peelers which I have used for years. I even bought these for my Mum who has arthritic hands and they make it so easy to slice,peel and dice.

One thing that I have found that improves safety with these "always sharp "tools is to wear one of those ex foliating gloves to increase grip and protect your hands.

Lesley Burns

Being wheelchair bound for the past 18 years following a motor vehicle accident, pain has been horrendous and to top it off I damaged my shoulder some two weeks ago.  An xray and a scan revealed major damage and a wait of many months to see a specialist.  My lovely sister in law arrived with a pottle of STOP PAIN and this has been used on my shoulder for the past two weeks, followed by a stint with the wheat pack and what a difference!  I think I have tried most products on the market and this has to be 'the best'.  If you have pain I suggest you try it - definitely worth a shot and with massive results.  

 Ken Bax

I came to the Home Show in Rotorua on Friday 31st Jan. I bought a twenty dollar pot of Stop pain from you. My name is Mary Barton. I was with a friend and we were both using our Walkers. I hope you remember us. I had a painful pinched nerve in my left arm. You put the gel on my shoulder. It did help with the pain. But you also told me that the gel could help with cramp. You asked me to let you know how I got on. Well I have been treating both my feet every night with rubbing it into the top and bottom of my feet and up the lower leg.
I would like to tell you that it has been wonderful and I have not had ANY pain in my feet for the whole 14 days since I bought it from you. I was getting bad cramp in both feet nearly every night before hand.
It has been a great help and I will purchase more from you in the near future.
Yours sincerely Mary Barton.

Stop Pain gel
I was sceptical when my friend brought me some some pain stop gel, I have fibromyalgia and autoimmune pain and have tried lots of similar product. This stuff works .. it's awesome. I have a lot in my bathroom and use frequently 😂. I've been able to cut back on my medication which is why I am recommending it. My friend tried some of mine and brought a pot this morning..
Posted: 2020-06-14 by Joanna Cambridge


Thank you very much for the Stop Pain you sponsored for the Distance Riding New Zealand Championships held last weekend, I received this as I was the last rider to finish the 160km event in a time of 18 hours 53.

It was much 
needed :) and I felt great on Monday after using your great product. I am a regular user of your product and I hope you are kind enough to continue your much appreciated sponsorship.

Mark Tylee