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  • Posted: Wednesday 6 October 2021
  • Hang on I will put the jug on.....

    How many times do you switch the kettle/jug on before you actually get around to making a cuppa? I think in the last half hour I have switched it on 3 times but I keep getting distracted. Hang on a sec, just gonna pop it back on.

    Tea bag is in the mug ready. I can hear it's almost boiling, jug has switched itself off, think I will actually finish making my cuppa this time.

    Tea made, a bit hot so will let cool, hopefully I remember to drink it before it gets too cold.

    Why am I rambling about kettles and cuppa's?

    Why not!

    I was at card making class on Friday and funnily enough we were talking about how many times we boil the jug before actually making a drink, then how often it gets cold and you find a soupy cuppa put in some random place that you forgot about.

    I think we are so in the habit of putting the jug on, without even thinking we are doing it. I know it is healthy to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but 20 cups of tea a day, may be a tad much.

    In my case I am a stressed solo mum with an Asperger's, trans, hormonal teen and I drink a lot of tea as its cheaper than booze. It also helps with the lonely evenings when my kid hibernates in his room watching you tube. ( I also go thru a ton of chocolate too.)

    When I go round to friends or they come here, jug goes on, cuppa made, biscuits politely offered but turned down we are all watching our weight (grow).

    We stay long enough for 2 cups, then its time to leave, as it would not be polite for a third!

    My cat Minnie is sitting next to me as I type. He almost knocked my cup over. So it is now drunk, just to save it from disaster.

    Covid19 has also been responsible for my increase in hot drinks. They did say hot drinks help kill the bugs in your throat, so who am I to argue. Jug goes back on.

    Anyway gonna love you and leave you now as um there is a side affect to so much tea, hope my supplies of loo paper hold out ;p
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