No Sharp Edges Can Opener

No Sharp Edges Can Opener
You can be left or right-handed it doesn't matter. Place on top of the can, wind in either direction till you feel a click. Lever the lid off. If you think you haven't opened the can, grab a bowl and tip the can upside down over it. (Many a person has opened cans and thought they had not)
These can openers never need, nor should they be washed. You use a dry toothbrush to brush the wheel. Washing will only rust the blades - you don't immerse an electric one, do you?

You can have any colour you like so long as it is black (yep, it's a classic) and the warrantee is one year so long as you do not wash, or run over, or use it for not its intended use. (Hmm now that could be interesting).
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SJD Can Opener
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