Bees Ease

Bees Ease
Now available in a 600 gram pot for $125 plus p/h
NZ$ 37.50
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Bees Ease comes in a 90gm pot.
A unique blend of high quality essential oils in a natural base.   Ingreditents: Sweet Almond, Black Pepper, Chamomile German, Rosemary Premium, Cold Pressed Rice Bran Oil, blended in a Natural Beeswax Base.

Bees Ease is designed as a massage wax, and requires a 3 - 5 min "good rub" to ensure best results.  The purpose of the massage is to push the product through all the layers of the skin in order to target the deep tissue beneath, where the problem lies.  NEVER  massage bruised, traumatised areas or exposed blood vessels ie: backs of knees or varicose veins. (Gently apply smaller amounts to problems in those areas.)  If you do not want a massage, heat the bees ease  a little to facilitate deep and rapid penetration.  

BEES EASE may provide a gentle warming effect but not a hot burn.

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