K PEGS (stainless steel)

Avoid the frustrations of plastic and wooden clothes pegs that break in hot or cold weather or whenever you drop them on a hard surface, these beautiful pieces of Italian technology will keep your washing on the line in a gale and never break. These pegs come with a life time warranty! Obviously if you choose to hammer them or put them in a vice or under a steamroller or a train you will fall outside the bounds of fair wear and tear, but under normal circumstances, and that includes using them as freezer clips, these pegs still come with a life time warranty.

Even if your washing stays out for days these pegs will leave no lasting peg impressions or mouldy marks. In the long term these pegs will save you money because you will never need to replace them and you will not lose your washing to strong winds any more, or have to re-wash things that have dragged on the ground.


  • Very strong spring

  • Never break

  • Never rust

  • Never mark clothes

  • Heat and frost resistant

  • Environmentally friendly - no harmful plastics, no trees felled

  • Ideal wedding present for couples that already have everything

  • Steel wedding anniversary is the 11th one

  • Myriad other uses [e.g. in freezer, model making, paper clips, bookmarks, electrical connections, gardens, greenhouses, etc.]

  • Not suitable for people with arthritis – the spring is too strong for arthritic fingers, and definitely not recommended for body adornment unless you have a very high pain threshold


  • Available in 13 colours though stocks are limited.   Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Pink, Magenta, Blue, Teal, Jade, Green, Purple and Original steel.

  • If you would like colours add a note to your order stating your preference - 1st choice, 2nd choice etc incase I have sold out of your first choice.   I can also mix them up so just ask for either mixed in pairs or ones, depending on how many you buy


"OK, so I love washing & I live in the 2nd windiest city in the world. So, I need strong pegs.

I stumbled across K pegs & after the loveliest communication with "K" from Scotland, ordered my pegs. It took one week surface mail to arrive down under. With bated breath & shaking hands I opened my package to find the most gorgeous coloured pegs. They are quite simply FABULOUS!

Since then (3 years ago) I have bought hundreds of K pegs as they are the best presents ever!!!

Buy some, you won't regret it & what's more they have a lifetime guarantee."

Becca Darling, Wellington, New Zealand.

"One sunny morning, I pegged several items of washing out on the railings of our yacht. It looked like a good drying day, with just a slight breeze, so I thought we would dry some washing while we sailed around to the next bay. About half an hour into our journey, suddenly the clouds gathered and the wind got up – before we knew it we had 40 knot winds! There was no time to worry about the washing – we had to get the sails in fast and steer the boat towards the safe shelter of the next bay. I watched in horror as the wind whipped against our clothes and towels, feeling certain we would lose some items in the wind. But the pegs held firm! By the time we got into sheltered waters again, the clothes were dry – and not a mark on them. Your pegs are amazing - I highly recommend them to any boat owner!"

Heather Grace, Brown's Bay, Auckland, New Zealand who has just finished a 6 month tour of the South Pacific islands in her yacht. She took 30 of our pegs with her.

We utilise Pass the Parcel for deliveries throughout New Zealand. 


If you would like to organise overnight delivery or international shipping, please contact me at susanandzoe@xtra.co.nz


"Good practical products that do what they are supposed to do. The Stop Pain is great"

Joanna Holmes


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